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Thank you for your interest in making a contribution towards the enforcement of a portfolio of UAE Judgments. Apart from donations we accept rewards based crowdfunding or compensation strategies for your contributions.

A Unique Social Awareness Campaign by the 'Alliance Judgment Recovery'

“Help us in our efforts to establish a legally binding principle that no executive of a country can override a supreme court decision, as it has occurred in the case of the 'judgment creditor' in Abu Dhabi, UAE"

How do I become an investor / voluntary contributor?

Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares. One can invest a sum as small as US$ 35.00 for 10 shares (The currency equivalent and for foreigners 100 shares minimum) in a valid Legal Judgment.

A chance to earn 'FIVE TIMES' the value without losing your MONEY!

Join us and explore our innovative approaches to ensure human dignity and social justice & a chance to earn 'FIVE TIMES' the value without losing your investments! [Read: UAE Judgement Shareholders]

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Payment Transfer through RTGS / NEFT or SWIFT

Economic Benefits:-

The UAE Judgment Equity (UAE Debts) has been guaranteed a minimum 'FIVE TIMES' more value on your investments even if the 'Debtor, the the executive branch of the UAE government'' is settle it within the first week of your joining! [We've Increased the Investor' Profits - More ]

Above offers supersedes the regular deals [below] or one can choose whichever is the highest.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel or withdraw your deposit at anytime after completion of a year. The funds will be transferred in 7 business days at your designated bank as per instruction. You may also sell judgment shares with a good margin through the 'IDPO'. ... [Read: Shareholders]

Regular Offers:-

Free Equities Offered: Pay just 35% of its value and enjoy profit for 100%; Guaranteed Interest: 22% per year, for both the principal and the accrued interest; Guaranteed Discount: Investor will be paid up to 25% discount for every additional sale [i.e. Investment: USD$ 350 = USD$ 1000.00; USD$ 2,625 = USD$ 10,000.00]; Transferee Rights: The term ‘Holder of a Decree’ is equal to that of the Judgment Creditor; Conversion Rights: Investors may convert their equity fund into stock through; Free Web Hosting: Free Web Hosting Package is offered, with great features to showcase your business etc., [Sale Brochure]

How to buy a Judgment?

Outright sale of a judgment is not envisioned. Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares. One can invest a sum as small as $USD 350.00 [For 100 shares] in a valid Legal Judgment. Sale Brochure

How do I become a referral partner?
Referral Partner Program is Absolutely Free to Join

Be A Goodwill Ambassador [Goodwill Ambassador Programme]

You can be a goodwill ambassador for the change. Economic benefit that would provide an increased benefit of up to USD$ 1 million for your voluntary services or the value of your contributions. Distribution of amount will take place once the Judgment is satisfied. To consider for the role of a Goodwill Ambassador, you may please contact us with your credentials.

Article on 'UAE Judgment Debts': Published on 19 Oct, 2016 New Delhi [Reparation Law News] ‘Download ‘Authentic Copy (PDF: 1200 kb)

“Support the Judgment Creditor to strengthen the Integrity of the Judiciary and people’s confidence in our Justice System”.
The Judgment Creditor’s Case is very unique in all respects – White Paper [White Paper issued by the Judgment Creditor – Visit for updates at:]

The Portfolio of UAE Court Judgments is unique!
The title, the ‘Judgment Debtor’ is reserved to describe the person who owes the judgment creditor the amount (damages) stated in the criminal judgments and has not paid the debt. In common law in the UAE, the debtors will be jailed until they have paid their debt.

The debtor in the 'UAE Court Judgments', is the State of UAE whose Ruler at the time was none other than the late Sheikh Zayed himself, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and absolute Ruler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here we take a look at what's the legal points of interest. [Read Full Text at CNN iReport]

Help us reach our goals by making a contribution to enforce the UAE Judgments: "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions"

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Support the Cause of 'Indian Diaspora'

Donate for ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ - [Strategy Formulation and Implementation of a Mutual Human Rights Law and Reparation Mechanisms Between the Government of India and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, mandating our elected representatives and officials to eliminate discrimination and imbalances of Non-resident Indians (NRIs) working in different countries.

This also involves the recognition and protection of the dignity and respect of individuals]. Full Text: ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ Timeline Highlighting Submissions & Responses, Government of India

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'IDPO [] Project Partnership / Refundable Payment Plans:- / CrowdFunding and or Profit-Sharing:-

Judgment Marketplace - "Major Investment Plans to the 'JFS' & 'IDPO' Projects" Min: USD $ 1,000.00 [Equivalent Currency]
(Both the JFS, [Judgment For Sale] & IDPO [The future 'Internet Direct Public Offerings'] are unique, value added, social awareness campaign sites to satisfy legal judgments, to recover his or her rights from the debtors specified in a Judgment. As a lawful owner of a legal Judgement, the victim has the right to offer his Judgment for sale or to make efforts to legally enforce and recover his assets and the inherent rights of individuals to dignity.)

'IDPO' Profit-Sharing Strategies:- Major investment planning gives the investors an equal percentage or options of those profits based on their investments. The claimant (Judgment Creditors) will receive 50% of the total amounts due. Up to 15% will be absorbed by the Judgment Enforcement Agency, for it's Campaigns on Social Networks, Multimeida etc., and Fee for Legal Services. The remaining 35% will be proportionately paid to the investors. Read more at FAQ resources:

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Payment Transfer through RTGS / NEFT or SWIFT

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'The Sales Prospects of UAE Judgments'

A unique and assured investment opportunity for ‘Social Justice', because of its strong Legal back-up and Government support. “The execution of Judgments of the UAE Court is a part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement”. Millions of Overseas Indians will be the beneficiaries of a 'Mutual Reparation Mechanism' if put into practical effect.... 'Let us strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Gulf Countries'


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